Atherton High School

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Firecrackers prompted a scare at a JCPS school Wednesday afternoon, prompting unfounded reports of a school shooter.

A MetroSafe supervisor confirmed that a report of "shots fired" at Atherton High School was received just before 2:30 p.m.

Several law enforcement agencies scrambled to respond to the school on Dundee Road. But when officers arrived on the scene, no shooter was found.

Daniel Kemp, a spokesman for JCPS, said the incident was prompted by a student who set off firecrackers in the school.

No one was injured.

Students at the school said the firecrackers were set off in a stairwell five minutes after the final bell of the day rang. By that time, many students had already walked out of the school.

Teachers tried to usher the rest of the students out of the school, but quickly realized that the scare was caused by firecrackers.

The principal at the school sent the following e-mail to students' families:

Atherton Family:

I wanted to let you know hat many students and staff were alarmed as students dismissed today at 2:20. Someone lit a pack of Black Cat firecrackers in a stairwell resulting in many students and staff responding appropriately to the loud noises and smoke. We appreciate the response of our staff, students and emergency personnel. I want to provide this information to accurately convey what happened and that a thorough investigation will ensue and appropriate actions will be taken.

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