LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It may be chilly outside, but spring has sprung on Kentucky horse farms as foaling season has officially begun.

According to a report by LEX18, the first filly of the Bluegrass, was born on Jan. 5 at 118 pounds and 10 hands tall at Taylor Made Farm in Jessamine County.

"She is full of spunk," said Taylor Made Farm Broodmare Division Manager Melissa Couture. "She's like her mom. She's got a little bit of sass, but she's gonna be a handful."

This filly is out of Foolish Ways (IRE) by Speightown, and is known now as "Foolish Ways 20."

"We just call this baby by her mother's name or her dam's name, and so her dam is named Foolish Ways. So how we don't get that mixed up, his mom only has one per year, so Foolish Ways 2020 would be what we call her. So, Foolish Ways 20," said Taylor Made Farm Experience Director Laura Richard.

The filly will receive her real name from her owner.

Even though she was born on Jan. 5, the Jockey Club says Foolish Ways 2020 was actually born on Jan. 1.

"The Jockey Club deems that all Thoroughbred racehorses are registered through them are having a Jan. 1 birthday, no matter if you're born in March or yesterday," said Richard. "So why that is, is I think about race, big races like the Kentucky Derby that's a 3-year-old race, so if you had a baby born, say, in November, that baby wouldn't be very competitive."

With the goal of most Thoroughbreds to be race-eligible, the horse industry takes breeding very seriously.

"Mares are seasonal breeders, they need about 16 hours of light to start cycling so that they're ready for the shed Feb. 14. Where the birthday of foals -- of Thoroughbred foals is Jan. 1. We have to start breeding by Feb. 14, and it's usually earlier requires we usually cycle, March, April is when they actually start," said Couture.

Anyone can visit the new filly at Taylor Made Farm and dozens of other farms across the Bluegrass.

"There's 32 Farms within horse country, if you haven't heard about that before but it's kind of like the bourbon trail but for horses," said Richard. "And we would be so excited if you guys would come visit us, our filly would love to see you all. And you can get your tickets anytime you'd like for us or any of the other farms at visithorsecountry.com."

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