42 foster kids lose dining hall after frozen pipes burst at Boys and Girls Haven

The dining hall at the Boys and Girls Haven on Goldsmith Lane is shut down after pipes burst 16 times due to single-digit temperatures. The shelter, which takes in abandoned, abused and neglected children, immediately lost a real place for its 42 foster kids to eat.

"We found the first couple of bursts and fixed them, but every time we started fixing a piece of the pipe, another piece burst," said Chief Development Officer Steve Luckett,.

The mess caused the kitchen and dining hall to shut down, and much of the food was lost in the mess.

"We're just trying to find a way to help fix meals in an efficient way and feed the kids appropriately in the proportions that they need," Luckett said.

As a result, staff is forced to prepare meals in cramped spaces for all the kids.

"We try to keep a very stable comfortable environment for them, a place where they can really start to learn and feel better about themselves," Luckett said. "Things like this really disrupt that process quite a bit."

The Boys and Girls Haven is asking for the community's help. They hope to borrow a mobile kitchen or receive food donations from local restaurants.

"Hopefully, we can get restaurants that will volunteer to bring in meals or better yet, let us take the kids there," Luckett said.

Anyone interested in donating should contact Steve Luckett at (502) 458 1171 ext. 108 or email sluckett@boyshaven.org.

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