Frankfort prepares for implosion of 24-story Capital Plaza Tower

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) -- For nearly 50 years, a 24-story tower has been the tallest building in Kentucky's capital city. In a little over a week, it will be gone in just 30 seconds. 

"It's not economically feasible to repair, and it was economical to tear down the building," said Commissioner Mike Burnside of the Department for Facilities and Support Services

Capital Plaza Tower in Frankfort will be imploded March 11, but it won't be your standard demolition.

"It won't come straight down like it's just being crumbled," Burnside said. "It will have a curling effect as it heads toward the transportation garage."

There is some sadness about the implosion but a lot more excitement. 

"It's been billed as one of the biggest things to happen in Frankfort in 30 years," said Carol Jones, General Manager of the Capital Plaza Hotel.

Her hotel sits in the tower's shadow. The lobby and rooms will serve as prime viewing to watch the building come down.

"People have booked some of our space for an implosion party," she said.

The hotel is allowed to remain open, despite sitting in the 700-foot "exclusion zone." Forty-five minutes before and 15 minutes after the blast, all hotel guests and people living in the "exclusion zone," will have to stay inside. 

"It's similar to a lock-down," Jones said. "Shelter in place, if you will."

After the dust has settled, a new office building is planned for the site.

"We're replacing it with one that is the same size, basically, as far as the number of square feet, but it holds twice as many people," Burnside said.

To learn more about the implosion click here.

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