Jefferson County driver's license bureau

Jefferson County driver's license bureau 

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- COVID-19 is creating a backlog and a lot of frustration over trying to get a driver's license.

Some Kentuckians have had trouble for months just trying to get an appointment to take the driver's test. Because of the pandemic, capacity is limited at testing sites, like Louisville's Bowman Field office.

Appointments have to be made online, but available spots usually fill up within minutes, and the site often crashes.

"It's super frustrating. First of all, the parents definitely have to be involved. Students, a 16-year-old, they can't log in and schedule. It's too complicated," Veronica Johnson said. "Not only is it just complicated, it's frustrating for me as a parent trying to log in and make an appointment, when there's never any available slots."

Thursday on WDRB News at noon, Valerie Chinn explains the exact time and day you need to log on to try to get an appointment and what's being done to fix the backlog.

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