Galt House plans to make major renovations during hotel boom in downtown Louisville

With more than 20 new hotels popping up right now in and around downtown Louisville, the company that owns the Galt House is feeling the pressure to modernize.

“We think this hotel deserves a lot of love right now,” said Sandy Heydt Chief Marketing CE O of the Al J. Schneider Company.

The Galt House is getting a full renovation.

“Certainly, every five, 10 or 15 years, hotels really need to look at renovating fully,” Heydt said. "Every number of years, you really need to put some attention into a facility that the public uses so much."

The hotel has more than 1,000 rooms. All of them will be upgraded along with the entrances and lobby. Heydt says the hotel also needs to improve drink and meal experiences in such a "foodie" city.

“When your top competitors are putting money into their facility, you need to look at your own and say, ‘Hey, are we going to keep up with this?’”

That's why the hotel is adding a small indoor/outdoor lobby bar and bistro on the east side of the Fourth Street entrance that will spill onto the street.

Even though the renovations are expected to be major, the hotel won't shut down during construction.

While the construction is scheduled to start next year, the project is still in the planning stages, so it's not clear when it will be completed.

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