JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Two Southern Indiana schools were sold way below their value, and some taxpayers want to know why.

The Greater Clark County Schools Board approved selling the buildings that house Maple and Spring Hill Elementary Schools to two local organizations for less than half their appraised value. The schools will soon no longer be used when the new GCCS elementary school is built in downtown Jeffersonville.

"We keep hearing there's no money but if we're selling things for so cheap, we are just giving things away," said teacher Jennifer Swanson. "It just doesn't make sense."

Maple is appraised at $1.18 million and was sold for $370,000 to Bethel AME Church. Spring Hill is appraised at $960,000 and was sold for $425,000 to Community Action of Southern Indiana.

"You aren't giving," said Alice Butler, who opposes the sale. "You're taking; taking money from students, from staff, from taxpayers. It's despicable, and it's wrong."

Bethel AME will pay $200,000 cash and then 100 monthly payments of $1,700, interest free. 

"I do question why one will have all of their money at closing and have all their financing available, while we have a free loan for the other party," said Keith Freeman, who opposes the sale.

But district leaders say the deal holds up.

"We are very confident, or else we would not have brought this to you tonight," GCCS Superintendent Dr. Andrew Melin said.

On Tuesday night, the board passed the deals, 5-1.

"We need to come together as a community and do what's good for everyone," said board member Milt Clayton.

Under the agreement, the organizations can't sell the buildings for at least 10 years. They won't move in until the new elementary opens in January 2020.

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