Gov. Bevin says America has a 'cultural problem' in wake of mass shooting at Marshall County High School

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin said passing stricter gun laws won't keep school shootings from happening.

Bevin blames things like violent video games, TV shows and music for the quote, "desensitized culture."

"The reality is it's not a gun problem," Bevin said. "It's not having too many guns. There used to be more guns per person in America than there are now, but children did not go to school and kill other children."

Bevin's comments come as many are calling for more gun control after the recent school shootings.

"What I would say to those for whom that is the solution get a new idea, because that is not the solution," he said. "It is a cultural problem."

Bevin also said that removing responsibility from the homes, communities and churches is another reason for the tragedies.

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