Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Gov. Matt Bevin posted a video on YouTube on Monday night calling the "sick outs" of Kentucky teachers unacceptable.

The sick outs, designed to cancel school so that teachers can travel to Frankfort to protest education-based legislation, have closed JCPS four times in the last two weeks.

"We have a responsibility to take care of our young people. We just do. It's just simple as that," Bevin said in the video. "This isn't that controversial. It shouldn't be. There's no proposals, at all, other than to actually take care of the obligations we have to our pension, among other things, that anyone should be concerned about. There's no reason to be walking out on students, leaving students in the lurch, hurting them and their parents and the many businesses in Kentucky that are affected by this."

Brent McKim, president of the Jefferson County Teachers Association, called Bevin's claims "completely false" and "bizarre."

First, Governor Bevin’s claim that JCTA is somehow “reloading” sick days into teacher accounts is completely false. The Association has no mechanism for doing anything like that. It’s just a very bizarre assertion.

And second, although the teachers association has not called for any of the recent work stoppages, we certainly understand that the reason teachers are engaging in these wildcat job actions across the state is because they feel attacked by the Governor and that has been a big part of causing them to lose trust in what is happening in Frankfort. Consequently, many teachers now believe they have to be in Frankfort to try to advocate for their students and their profession.

Brent McKim, JCTA President

Bevin's comments on sick time for JCTA members is likely in reference to the extra 2,000 hours of association leave days granted by JCPS as part of a plan to allow some teachers to rally in Frankfort without closing schools, according to a JCTA Facebook post.

The district and JCTA announced the deal, which would allow schools to send three delegates each on a rotating basis, on Thursday.

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