Grayson Co. Judge Executive during public meeting: 'I’m not black and I’m not Obama'

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Grayson County Judge/Executive Gary Logsdon has apologized for his comments at Friday's fiscal court meeting during the discussion of a countywide smoking ban.

"I did not know what to expect and I did not expect that," said Tristan Deering, a Grayson County High School senior who spoke in favor of the ordinance that would ban smoking in public places.

When the ordinance failed to pass, Deering stood up and addressed several county officials, including Logsdon.

“I asked if it’s not the role of the government to protect people, then what is the role of the government?" recalled Deering.

Audio from the meeting provided by K105 reveals Logsdon's response: “I’m not black and I’m not Obama. And I’m not making you do anything.”

After a nearly 10-second pause, the judge/executive continued: “And I love blacks and whites. I respect blacks but you know, I’m not Obama.”

“We all heard it and I would have to say I was surprised because it didn’t answer my question,” Deering said. “You’d have to ask him what he actually meant.”

Logsdon agreed to a brief interview with WDRB News.

“I apologize for any misspoken words and I had no intention to hurt anyone,” Logsdon said.

Though Deering admits the comment has distracted people from the smoking ban, he says it has made people take notice of something else.

“If people see that maybe this elected official isn’t saying what we like, then maybe it’s time to select a new person,” Deering said.

Though the motion for a countywide smoking ban failed, Deering says he will appeal to the Leitchfield City Council for a citywide ordinance.

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