GreenPal app launches in Louisville for homeowners looking for lawn care

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new app launches in Louisville that's like Uber for your lawn. A landscaper will come to your door just by clicking the app on your smartphone.

The app is called GreenPal. You can create an account, answer a few questions and a professional will cut your grass.

Zachary Pagniozzi started a landscaping company called Z's Lawn Care 11 years ago.

“There's nothing better than to try new things, of course,” he said.

Pagniozzi knew his business had to evolve with technology.

“Everything now-a-days is kind of leaning more toward technology and the easy use of the computer, so we want to incorporate [it into] our business as much as possible to get our name out there,” Pagnoizzi said.

He uses the GreenPal app. It's new to Louisville and connects homeowners with local, vetted lawn care professionals.  Customers sign up for the app, answer questions about their lawn and request a service.

Landscapers like Z's will see the request, bid on it and the customer gets to pick who mows the lawn at their scheduled time.

“They'll get to look at three competitors and companies, look at the ratings or scores and go by if you're looking for the cheapest, it will have that option. Or if you're looking for the best provider, it will give you the three options, and the best three to choose from," he said.

Pagniozzi says it's helped his business grow, but it's not all sunshine.  He says the app takes a small cut of his cash.

“With that being said, we might be losing money on this, but here's the thing, we're looking to expand. And every time you expand sometimes you have to take some chances,” he said.

Overall, Pagniozzi says it offers convenience for him and convenience for the customer.

“It makes life simpler,” he said.

When the job is done, the landscaper will take a photo and post it to the bill section of the app, so the customer can see the finished product.

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