Guitar Emporium will reopen August 31st

LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- After closing a few months ago, a landmark Louisville guitar store is reopening.

The Guitar Emporium on Bardstown Road has a new owner and he gave WDRB an exclusive look inside the newly polished store.

For nearly 40 years, the Guitar Emporium has been putting string instruments in the hands of its customers.

"Growing up, I came in the store and looked at all the guitars on the walls and dreamt of the day I could come in and start buying," Sherman Buschmeyer told WDRB.

And buy he did.

Louisville native and musician Sherman Buschmeyer is the new owner of the store.

Guitar Emporium closed in March, even though business was good, when former owner Jimmy Brown decided to retire.

"My first thought when I heard it was closing was somebody's got to buy that place and somebody's got to keep it going," said Buschmeyer.

"He did walk in the day the news broke and walked past Jimmy and everybody else and walked right up to me and said I'm gonna buy this place," said employee Eric Whorton.

Buschmeyer has re-hired all the old employees.

"They're all coming back and we're excited to have them all back because I don't think I could do it without them," he said.

They're helping him polish up the place.

"New lighting, new fans, new color."

They're making small changes to the store to highlight the qualities customers have come to know.

Employees agree there's more to this place than the transactions made at the counter.

"A lot of friendships have been built between us and our customers over one sale of a guitar and the next thing you know this guy's invited to your wedding 10 years later," said Whorton who's worked at Guitar Emporium for 13 years.

And Buschmeyer says he's in it for the long haul so we can expect the doors to remain open and the music to continue for quite some time.

"I've spent most of my life here in Louisville and I love it and it's where I'll always stay," he said.

The store will have a grand reopening ribbon cutting Saturday at 9am in front of the store.

Mayor Greg Fisher is expected to attend. The public is welcome.

They're also hosting a special event at Diamond Pub Concert Hall on Barret Avenue Sunday night. It'll feature musician Jeff Austin. You can buy tickets at the door or online.

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