Gun range coming to Clarksville causes some neighborhood controversy

CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Audrey Cox is getting close to 80 and loves her neighborhood as much as the day she moved in.

"It's been I guess 20 years or better," Cox said.

She adds it's because little changes there. That is until recently, when the groundbreaking on American Shooters got started Thursday afternoon.

The Bell Avenue gun range isn't far from Clarksville High School and is just feet away from where Cox lives.

"That would just draw a lot of stuff in that I would just rather not have," she said.

Bell worries about the noise and the crowd.

"Guns going off, wouldn't you? And more cars coming and going," she said. "I'm an old woman, and I don't want to be afraid when I walk out at night."

Rick Hauber pulled the trigger on the range. 

"We feel that this facility will fill a niche in the community that it currently is lacking. Clark County, Indiana has the highest number of concealed carry permits in the state," Hauber said.

His target is education and training.

"Teach them how to responsibly own a gun, how to handle a gun, how to store a gun," he said.

He has every bit of approval he needs, and even the local police chief is on board. 

"This is really going to be a huge advancement for us to have a facility that we can basically go right across the street and utilize," Chief Mark Palmer said.

At the same time, Hauber is willing to have conversations and reassure people like Cox who are worried. 

"Nothing will leave the building. It's eight-inch thick concrete walls and concrete roofs," he said.

Responsible gun use, he says, will only help all the Hoosiers packing heat.

"We feel like we can save some lives by basically just throwing some education into the mix," Hauber said. 

American Shooters is set to open by mid-March.

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