Heavy traffic expected on I-65 on Friday before Easter and spring break

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- This Friday is considered the busiest travel day of the year on I-65 in Kentucky, because it’s both the Friday before Easter and the Friday before spring break for many schools.

Kentucky transportation officials say interstate traffic will be especially busy from noon to 6 p.m.

“We've noticed over the last few years (that our) heaviest travel day of the entire year is Good Friday before Easter.," said Chris Jessie with the Kentucky Transportation Department. "So we want people to be patient, exercise good judgment and keep distance between vehicles."

With rain in the forecast most of the weekend, officials are asking drivers to be even more cautious.

“We had to stop short a couple times and had to swerve off to the left or the right so we didn’t hit the car in front of us,” said Lynn Dixon, who was already experiencing bad traffic on Thursday. “With the rain and everything, it's really scary."

But rain isn't the only major concern.

“Some people have had their phones in their hands, and even with this terrible traffic, people are still driving with their phones in their hands, and they're super distracted,” said Katie Dixon, another driver who hit the road Thursday.

Coming back home from spring break is expected to be a different story. Officials say it will still be busy, but traffic will be more spread out.

“We want people to enjoy spring break week, but safety must be the first priority when you're behind the wheel," Jessie said. "It's not just your life. It's the life of other people too. So it's a lot to consider. So just be safe."

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