Criminal citation for Hillview councilwoman Jo-Ann Wick

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Hillview city councilwoman is charged with theft and official misconduct.

Police say longtime Councilwoman Jo-Ann Wick was caught on surveillance video stealing money from a fish fry for Relay for Life.

The fish fries are put on by the city for various charities. Investigators said city staff and some council members alleged Wick was stealing from the events and notified the mayor. Police started looking into the case this month and set up a camera. They said Wick stole $20 bills from the cash register and tried to cover it up.

As the police citation shows, Wick was charged with theft and official misconduct. Both are misdemeanors, and she was arraigned Wednesday morning.

"Joann Wick is a very respected person in our community. Everyone knows her and everyone likes here," Hillview Police Chief William Mahoney said. "I think it's a bit shocking that this allegation was made and found to be true."

The video hasn't been made public, because it's part of the ongoing police investigation, but investigators said as she stole the money, she tried to hide what she was doing by putting the cash under a rag used to wipe the counter and then later wadded the money into a latex glove that she put in her pocket.

"Investigating one of our own is very difficult," Mahoney said. "It just goes to show that our council people and our city staff are making good ethical decision and doing the right thing."

City Hall said Wick is still a councilwoman, a job she's held since 2005. She did not have to go to jail.

"We do feel like she could have been arrested," Mahoney said. "She definitely could have been. She's an elderly lady. She's not a flight risk. We didn't see cause for putting her in that facility."

Police said they're still going through hours of surveillance video for this case.

"I think everyone is going to be curious as to what led to this poor decision being made," Mahoney said.

Wick and her attorney could not be reached for comment.

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