HILLVIEW, Ky. (WDRB) – False information is spreading in Hillview that officers can't pull people over for speeding outside the city limits and the police chief has had enough.

The problems are starting on Christman Lane in Hillview, where the speed limit is 25 mph, but drivers are often seen going 40 to 50 mph.

“Christman Lane is perhaps one of the worst roads in our city,” said Hillview Police Chief William Mahoney.

And the problem typically ends on a nearby road that happens to be outside Hillview city limits. On any given day an officer will look for speeders Christman Lane and when they see one, it’ll take them some time to catch up. They'll likely end up pulling that driver over on Zoneton Road or Stave Mill Road.

According to Kentucky Revised Statue, police officers may exercise their powers “anywhere in the county in which the urban county government or city is located."

“It's just that simple. Every agency in Bullitt County has county wide jurisdiction,” Mahoney said.

But Mahoney says some people are spreading false information on social media and other places saying Hillview police don't have jurisdiction except for in Hillview itself.

“Who then wants to start arguing with officers on traffic stops that they don't have to accept a ticket because you're not in the city limits of Hillview and that is becoming a problem,” he said.

Mahoney says it even happened during a recent traffic stop when a random person came up to the car that was pulled over and told the person inside that the police officer couldn't give him a ticket outside city limits.

Once again Mahoney says not only is that a lie, but it's also now a safety hazard for the officer and the public.

“Now his attention is divided from the violator and the hands of the violator and what he may or may not be planning, and this second person who just felt it was appropriate to walk up and intervene in a traffic stop,” Mahoney said. “In today's day and age, traffic stops are one of the most dangerous things our officers can be confronted with because they never know what they're getting in to.”

As for statewide jurisdiction, Mahoney says his officers can use their police powers in other counties if their assistance it requested.

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