Homeowner says husband shot two teenagers breaking into house

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A homeowner says her husband shot two teenage intruders on Wednesday afternoon.

The shooting happened around 12:30 p.m. at a home on Schneiter Avenue, near Taylor Boulevard in south Louisville.

LMPD says one juvenile male victim was found on Schneiter Avenue, and another was discovered one street over on Oleanda Avenue.

"Pop, pop, pop! And there was a pause, and then, pop, pop!" said neighbor Charles Graham. "And then a couple seconds later, he was running down the street saying his brother got shot."

According to the woman who lives in the house where the shooting happened, the two boys tried to break in, not realizing her husband was there.

While inside, she says the teenagers killed the family dog, and at some point, her husband shot them.

Investigators have not said if the shooting happened inside or outside of the house.

“I mean, it’s a shame that you have to protect your house like that, but someone comes in your house like that while you’re home, then I guess you have that right,” said Gary Dickman, who lives across the street.

Dickman says he and other neighbors recently installed security cameras because teenagers have been breaking into homes and cars in the area.

A few weeks ago, Dickman says he confronted teenagers trying to burglarize the same home that was apparently hit on Wednesday.

“Those guys took off running. There was two more that came out from behind his fence, and they took off,” said Dickman.

Police say both of the boys shot were taken to University Hospital. They are expected to survive.

No word on any charges in the investigation.

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