Hundreds of guns used in crimes sold at auction Tuesday by Kentucky State Police

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) -- Guns used in crimes were sold Tuesday at an auction by Kentucky State Police.

Every few months, KSP holds a confiscated weapons auction, where guns are sold only to Federal Firearms Licensed Dealers.

"The majority of dealers here will be out of state," said Harry White, owner of Harry's Used Guns. "We see them from Texas, Florida, Ohio, Illinois."

White thinks this auction should only be for Kentucky dealers so the sales tax money will stay in this state. If not, he says he would like to see a premium charged to out-of-state dealers that would equal the Kentucky sales tax.

At Tuesday's auction, 27 dealers were in Frankfort inspecting the guns then bidding on the best ones. Guns are sold in lots. Some have cases, others are bundled with similar brands.

Last summer, WDRB started questioning why KSP wouldn't allow us to show what happens inside these auctions. After decades of keeping the media out, after our story aired, we were allowed inside.

"The fact is that these auctions are something that should be transparent," said Lt. Michael Webb with KSP. "We're not doing anything that's not done at any Walmart or any other FFL dealers that sell guns."

Our investigation showed how some guns taken off the streets were sold at auction, only to somehow end up at another crime scene. LMPD Chief Steve Conrad pointed to 40 such cases.

Lt. Webb says they need to insure that these guns stay in the right hands.

"...By following the process established by law and procedure by our lawmakers, by following how they can get into the public ,and that's by a federal firearms licensed dealer."

At Tuesday's auction, more than 700 guns and weapons were sold. The money raised helps pay for bulletproof vests and other equipment for local police agencies.

For  a list of all the guns sold Tuesday and the dates of future auctions, click here.

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