LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- As the Kentucky State Fair reaches its halfway point, new rules surrounding juveniles and security have taken effect.

Your driver's license is now just as important as your ticket to get into the fair. As of 6 p.m. Wednesday, IDs are being checked at the gates in the evening. 

New rules announced Monday say anyone under the age of 18 entering the fair after 6 p.m. now has to be accompanied by an adult. However, those new rules became a roadblock into the fair Wednesday for some with family already inside. Heather Powell said it was tough for her daughters to get in.

"She went to gate six, and they would not let her through," Powell said. "She tried to explain to the police officer that her mother was actually here at the fair. We had been here all day. When she explained that to the police officer, they let her through."

The new rules were put in place following a chaotic scene at the fair Saturday night between a group of teens and officers. 

Kentucky State Police Trooper Billy Gregory said if teens are seen without a guardian after 6 p.m., they will be stopped.

"We won't be arresting anyone for being by themselves, but we may have to detain them until we find the appropriate person who is supposed to be with them," Gregory said. "But if we are called to an area where there are problems with juveniles, one of the things is we will vet those circumstances. If they are breaking the law, we will address it as we always have."

Wednesday also saw an increase in police presence, something Gregory said will also help deter people from committing crimes at the fair. 

Ian Cox, a spokesman for Kentucky Venues, which manages the Kentucky Exposition Center, said feedback on the new security measures has been positive overall.

"We have gotten a lot of positive response prior to Saturday's incident, that they are seeing a lot of law enforcement on property," Cox said. "Our step is to take that further and ensure that safety for our guests."

More temporary lighting has also been installed to light darker areas of the fair.

Powell said the increase in security gives her more peace of mind.

"Because I do have older teenagers that have been at the fair by themselves, and after seeing the videos, I do understand why they had to enforce the rules they have to enforce," she said.

Cox said every person entering the fair will be asked to show their ID.

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