LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Downtown Louisville looked a little spooky Friday night.

It was all of the first trick-or-treating event at Slugger Field. 

More than 3,000 kids and their parents dressed up in their favorite costumes to go trick-or-treating across the ballpark. 

There were 20 different stops along the route, each one passing out different types of candy — some even gave out full-size candy bars.

It was clear from some of the trick-or-treaters that Halloween candy is something to be taken very seriously. 

"I'm a football player and I want all the candy," Jonathan told WDRB News.

Some of the kids didn't want to dress up, they were just in it for the candy.

"I just want to be nothing," Faith said. "And I want to get Sour Patch candy."

Others had specific candies they had their eyes on.

"I want some Almond Joys and some Milk Duds," one of them said.

And some knew exactly which candy they wanted to steer clear of.

"Any candy, but no, nooooo chocolate Tootsie Rolls. No!" 

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