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Yvette Gentry

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The woman who will take over the Louisville Metro Police Department on Thursday said she is looking forward to hearing a recording of the grand jury proceedings in the Breonna Taylor shooting case. 

Former LMPD Deputy Chief Yvette Gentry will take the oath of office Thursday morning, replacing interim Chief Robert Schroeder, who is retiring.

Gentry said reviewing the grand jury proceedings in the Taylor case will help her get to work right away in addressing a number of problems within LMPD. Among Gentry's top priorities: addressing what she describes as a lack of discipline and communication issues in the department.

"I want to see what the scope of the evidence is," said Gentry, who will serve on an interim basis. "What was presented? Because people want to know from the beginning, like, what happened with the warrant? What was up with the affidavit? All of those things are going to matter. So, the truth is what everybody needs — certainly, (Taylor's) family (and) the police officers that work here need that. I need that as a leader to be able to figure out, you know, I can't go making reforms based on information that's not accurate."

The grand jury proceedings in the Taylor case were expected to be turned over to the court at noon Wednesday, but Jefferson Circuit Judge Ann Bailey Smith gave Attorney General Daniel Cameron's office until noon Friday to redact personal information — such as phone numbers and addresses — from 20 hours of audio. 

Cameron on Tuesday told WDRB News' Lawrence Smith that his office did not present murder charges to the grand jury in the Taylor case. Taylor, 26, was shot and killed in March by LMPD officers serving a search warrant at her apartment near Pleasure Ridge Park as part of a broader narcotics investigation. 

Cameron said it was "not appropriate" to recommend charges for two LMPD officers who fired their weapons during the raid, Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly and Detective Myles Cosgrove, because they were fired upon by Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, when they used a battering ram to burst into Taylor's apartment. Walker has said he did not hear police announce their presence and thought Taylor's apartment was being robbed, according to his attorney. Police said the shot Walker fired hit Mattingly in the leg. 

On Sept. 23, a Jefferson County grand jury indicted former LMPD detective Brett Hankison on three felony counts of wanton endangerment for shooting into an apartment neighboring Taylor's during the raid. Cameron's office did recommend wanton endangerment charges for Hankison, the attorney general told WDRB News. 

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