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Indiana's Statehouse in Indianapolis

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Hoosiers should soon have more access to mental health resources.

Indiana lawmakers recently approved giving more money to allow more people to treat and diagnose mental health issues.

In January, legislators planned to cut mental health funding because of lost revenue from the pandemic. But a positive economic forecast allowed lawmakers to restore the $26 million the state gives toward mental health services.

The state also added $150 million in federal money. It's also launching a 988 mental health crisis line in July of next year. 

Another law, Senate Bill 82, will add 10,000 mental health providers in the state. The law would allow for "properly trained, licensed clinical social workers, family (and) marriage therapists" to diagnose mental illnesses in an effort to allow the state "to move more folks into treatment more effectively and more quickly," Sen. Mike Crider told Fox 59 News in Indianapolis.

The state is also making progress on providing virtual mental health services. Crider said lawmakers will still need to address mental health in the next legislative session.

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