Indiana neighbors hoping for change to deadly road

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---A month ago, WDRB rode with police to get a good look at the problem along Highway 60 in Clark County. Now, after more accidents, neighbors are hoping officials take even more action.

If you are driving along Highway 60 from Sellersburg to Borden and you may notice the steady stream of traffic.

"People just speed," says Debbie Burgin, who lives along the road.

"From that stoplight to Borden. They fly," says Philip Reid, who lives along the road.

"There are always wrecks. The road's always closed," says Debbie Burgin.

Debbie Burgin says, with people driving too closely, it's a struggle getting into her own driveway.

"You're like, are you going to stop or are you going to hit me," says Debbie Burgin.

Philip Reid has lived along Highway 60 since 1964. He says he's seen a lot of deadly wrecks over the years.

"Three kids hit an old man in a pickup truck right there in my driveway head-on. They all died," says Philip Reid.

The latest deadly crash was just last month.

Neighbors that live the busy road say the constant stream of traffic and the speed that some drivers are going is becoming more and more of a problem. They're hoping for a solution.

While some are calling for a wider road, others just want to see police cracking down.

"I think the solution would be to give out more tickets. To watch it and patrol it more," says Debbie Burgin.

Indiana State Police say they have been on the lookout on the 2-lane road, looking for distracted drivers and people breaking the law.

"I can tell you that we are specifically looking for people that follow too closely, that speed, and that make bad passes," says Sgt. Jerry Goodin with Indiana State Police.

With the holidays fast-approaching though, Sergeant Goodin says there will soon be more traffic, and are reminding drivers to take notice.

"Make sure you follow the rules of the road and you're going to drastically reduce the chances that you'll have a crash," says Sgt. Jerry Goodin.

Neighbors are just hoping drivers listen and that the constant crashes and accidents will eventually slow down.

"It's death row. It's noted for that. That's a good name to have for your highway," says Debbie Burgin.

Police say with Highway 60 being a 2-lane road and the high number of people that travel it daily, that it makes it more dangerous that what the interstates are.

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