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LOUISVILLE, Ky., (WDRB) – A Knox County, Indiana police chief was arrested Tuesday on charges of battery and misconduct after getting into an altercation over evidence with an investigator from the local prosecutor's office.

Bicknell Police Chief Terry Stremming went to the Knox County Prosecutor's Office on Monday to turn over a laptop with evidence of alleged misconduct against another officer, according to an Indiana State Police media release. 

Stremming came back Tuesday and allegedly "demanded the laptop back into his possession and attempted to remove it from a desk," according to police.

An investigator in the office tried to prevent Stremming from taking the laptop, and the chief put his hands on the investigator and attempted to push her out of the way, according to the release.

The chief left the office without the laptop. 

Stremming was arrested Tuesday night and taken to Knox County Jail before being released on bond. 

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