Indiana US Senate candidates face off in 1st debate

WESTVILLE, Ind. (AP) -- Republican businessman Mike Braun and Democratic Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly don't agree on much.

But both conceded one point during a debate Monday night: they both support President Donald Trump.

Unlike many Democrats across the U.S., Donnelly touts votes he has taken to support the president's agenda.

That's not entirely a surprise. The vulnerable incumbent is one of a handful of Democrats running for re-election in states Trump won.

Right out of the gate, Braun and Donnelly were asked about the lessons learned from the bitter partisan fight surrounding Trump's Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh.

"I voted against Judge Kavanaugh because of concerns about his impartiality  and concerns about his judicial temperament," Donnelly said. "Our job is to protect the court and put people on who are qualified."

"The Democrats, including Joe Donnelly, will do and say anything when it comes to their political interests," Braun added. "It is a blood sport, and as long as it's like that, you're going to have decisions based not on what Hoosiers want, but based upon what Chuck Schumer wants."

The two also sparred over health care and the Iran nuclear deal that Trump jettisoned.

Donnelly said Braun isn't to be trusted. Braun said Donnelly is a career politician who needs to go.

Libertarian Lucy Brenton was also part of the debate.

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