INDOT crews consider moving Highway 111 away from Ohio River

Last month, cracks began to emerge along Highway 111 near Horseshoe Southern Indiana.

The biggest cracks in the road were six inches wide, and now parts of the guard rail have separated from the road toward the Ohio River and are leaving holes up to four feet deep.

“It's kind of dangerous,” said Kate Smith, who takes the road to work.

Plans are in the works to fix two parts of the highway: one at Two Mile Lane and another a little closer to the casino. Crews put up cones to keep drivers away from the holes, and they’ve moved lanes to the opposite shoulder. Although the road is crumbling now, crews will have to wait days start the project.

“It's a matter of scheduling personnel,” said Harry Maginity, Public Information Officer for the Indiana Department of Transportation.

Weather has also been a factor, and crews plan to start work Monday, unless they get just totally washed out, Maginity said.

Once work starts, drivers need to be ready for traffic changes.

“During this time, we're probably going to have to narrow this road down to a single lane using temporary signals at either end of the work site,” Maginity said.

And while that could be a temporary fix, Maginity said crews are working on a more permanent one.

“We might be able to move part of this highway away from the river,” he said. “And although it is not an official project yet, we're certainly keeping that open is an option.”

The plan to move the road away from the river is still just a possible solution. If that were to happen, officials say the project wouldn't start for at least another two years.

But for now, the road will continue to crumble and get worse with every hour.

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