ISP re-opens application process for people interested in becoming a state trooper

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Indiana State Police (ISP) is reopening its application process for people interested in becoming a state trooper. 

The original deadline to apply to the 82nd Recruit Academy was back on Aug. 22, but ISP Sgt. David Henderson said only 485 people applied, so the department decided to reopen applications hoping additional, qualified people will apply. 

ISP Sgt. Carey Huls previously said ISP used to see 4,000-5,000 applicants each recruitment period.

"We're always looking for good applicants and we want the best applicants that we can find and we have numbers that we're trying to meet to get enough people for our recruitment academy," Wheeles said. 

Henderson said since reopening the application process this month, 50 more people have applied.

ISP said for those who already applied to the 82nd Recruit Academy by the Aug. 22 deadline do not need to reapply. 

"If you've already submitted an application or are involved in the process, there's no need for them to do anything," Wheeles said. "They're good to go and they'll wait to hear what their next step is through the process."

Wheeles said ISP is looking for the best of the best to apply to be state troopers.

"We're not just going to accept anybody," he said. "We want to make sure we have the right candidates."

Wheeles said there is an additional incentive for law enforcement officers with at least three years of experience looking to transfer to ISP. He said they will be given the option to work in their home district immediately after going through the academy.

"This is a rewarding career despite what you hear some places," he said. "It's a very rewarding career. There's a lot of benefits to it. While we see the bad things in people, we see a lot of good in people, and it's nice to be out in our communities to help people when they're having that really bad day."

The new deadline to apply to the 82nd Recruit Academy is 11:59 pm. Sept. 29.

Huls said out of everyone who applies, around 60 people will end up making the cut to get to the academy. 

Applications are completed online. To apply, click here.

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