COVID vax clinic at Waggener High School on 11-8-21

Pictured: a COVID vaccination clinic at Waggener High School in Louisville, Ky., on Nov. 8, 2021. 

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- JCPS continues to administer COVID shots to students at their schools, with six schools, including Waggener High, taking part in Monday's clinics. 

The district has been offering COVID testing clinics for months, and is now offering actual shots for students who have signed permission slips from parents. 

"Parents could register their minors online and then there was both a hard copy option or an on-line consent option," said Waggener principal Sarah Hitchings. "I have minors behind me and they are ready to go, and parents don't have to take off work or drive them to the nearest site."

JCPS will start administering vaccines to kids ages 5 and up this Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 13 and Nov. 14). JCPS families and staff interested in the district’s vaccination drive can register here with the enrollment code KY85104; a limited number of walk-in appointments will be available.

This weekend's vax clinics are open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the 24 schools listed below:

  • Academy @ Shawnee: 4001 Herman St Louisville, KY 40212
  • Carter Traditional Elementary: 3600 Bohne Avenue Louisville, KY 40211
  • Central High School: 1130 West Chestnut Street, Louisville, KY 40203
  • Eastern High School: 12400 Old Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40243
  • Fairdale High School: 1001 Fairdale Rd Louisville, KY 40118
  • Grace James Academy: 1615 W. Broadway Louisville, KY 40203
  • Greenwood Elementary: 5801 Greenwood Road Louisville, KY 40258
  • Iroquois High School: 4615 Taylor Boulevard, Louisville, KY 40215
  • Jacob Elementary: 3701 E. Wheatmore Drive 40215
  • Jeffersontown High School: 9600 Old Six Mile Lane, Louisville, KY 40299
  • Kammerer Middle School: 7315 Wesboro Rd Louisville, KY 40222
  • Male High School: 4409 Preston Highway, Louisville, KY 40213
  • McFerran Preparatory Academy: 1900 S. Seventh St, Louisville, KY 40208
  • Meyzeek Middle School: 828 S. Jackson Street Louisville, KY 40203
  • Marion C. Moore School: 6415 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY 40228
  • Newburg Middle School: 4901 Exeter Ave, Louisville, KY 40218
  • Newcomer Academy: 3741 Pulliam Drive, Louisville, KY 40218
  • Ramsey Middle School: 6409 Gellhaus Lane, Louisville, KY 40299
  • Seneca High School: 3510 Goldsmith Lane, Louisville, KY 40220
  • Shelby Traditional Academy: 735 Ziegler St, Louisville, KY 40217
  • Southern High School: 8620 Preston Hwy Louisville, KY 40219
  • Valley High School: 10200 Dixie Highway, Louisville KY 40272
  • Waggener High School: 330 S. Hubbards Lane, Louisville, KY 40207
  • Western High School: 2501 Rockford Lane Louisville, KY 40218

A second round of vaccinations for children 5 - 11 will be available on the weekend of Dec. 4 and Dec. 5, according to JCPS.

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