LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Jefferson County Public Schools are getting ready to launch their updated Non-Traditional Instruction and released more details Tuesday night on the district's standards for online classrooms.

"If you need Chromebooks, let us know," said JCPS Superintendent Marty Pollio, urging parents to sign up on the district's website for laptops and internet hot spots.

JCPS said it has enough Chromebooks to ensure every student -- not just every household -- has a device before school resumes.

The district's "NTI 2.0" will feature live classroom instruction along with recorded lessons and assignments.

"We must provide flexibility for teachers, staff and families," Pollio said. "At times, that means recorded lessons, so (students) can do that at different times, because families might be working."

The district outlined minimum benchmarks each grade level must meet for live online instruction opportunities. Elementary students must experience synchronous instruction at least five times per week, while the goal for each middle and high school class is at least twice per week, according to Chief Academic Officer Carmen Coleman.

Students could split into small groups and also receive more one-on-one time with teachers.

"We don't want anybody sitting in front of a computer for three, four or five hours a day," Coleman said.

Pollio agreed.

"We want students to work that much per day, but not sitting in front of a screen," he said. "It should not just be four hours of listening to a teacher talk."

JCPS also discussed grading guidelines for NTI.

"This is not a time when we can collect points like we do day to day," said Coleman.

Teachers can choose between two grading models.

"(Teachers) can continue with the traditional grading model they're used to, or for schools that are ready, they can use this as opportunity to use a mastery standards based approach," Coleman said.

Some grading could be more flexible, basing scores on a student's progress and growth rather than completion of tasks.

To view more details on the JCPS NTI grading guidelines, click here

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