Seneca High cheerleading coach suspended 'indefinitely' amid investigation

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Newly released Jefferson County Public School disciplinary documents are providing more details about the investigation of a Seneca High School cheerleading coach. 

Demont O'Neal, who also works as a security monitor at Minor Daniels Academy, has been suspended amid a district and police investigation.

ORIGINAL STORY: Seneca High cheerleading coach suspended 'indefinitely' amid investigation

According to JCPS disciplinary documents obtained by WDRB's Toni Konz via an Open Records Request, O'Neal is being investigated after allegations that he touched a female student in a sexual manner.

The documents outline the allegation that, about a week before the 2016-17 school year started, O'Neal picked up the student -- a minor who is on the cheerleading team -- and took her to a gym session. The student alleges that, while she was in the car with him, O'Neal touched her sexually, and made her touch him sexually.

The student also alleges that, after her gym session, O'Neal asked her to come to his apartment.

For his part, O'Neal denies the allegations, according to the JCPS documents. He says he does know the student, and has taken her to the gym on at least two occasions, but that he did not touch her in the car as she alleged, nor did he ask her to come to his apartment on that occasion.

When asked whether that student had ever been near his apartment, O'Neal replied, "I can't remember that she has ever been near my apartment," according to the documents. He also told investigators that, "We joke all the time, but not in a sexual manner."

O'Neal provided investigators with the names of other cheerleaders who had been with him to the gym, and said that "sometimes they went in groups and sometimes not."

Jennifer Brislin, a JCPS spokeswoman, won't comment on the nature of the investigation, but sources tell WDRB that Louisville Metro Police are also investigating O'Neal.

When WDRB asked LMPD spokeswoman Alicia Smiley if police are investigating O'Neal, she confirmed that a detective in the department's Crimes Against Children unit "has an investigation involving a JCPS employee."

"The investigation is ongoing and (the detective) is declining to release any further details," Smiley said.

According to Brislin, O'Neal was hired by JCPS in October of 2015, and served as the cheerleading coach since last year.

The district suspended O'Neal on Aug. 18, according to a personnel report approved by the Jefferson County Board of Education on Sept. 13.

The report listed O'Neal as an in-school security monitor at Seneca, but Brislin said Thursday that he was a security monitor at Minor Daniels and the cheerleading coach at Seneca.

Meanwhile, the Seneca cheerleading coaching position is currently vacant, but is being temporarily filled by Kerry Richey, who had previously been the school's cheer coach.

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