LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Students at Marion C. Moore School made sure several hundred of their classmates have food during the holiday break.

The students have been collecting canned goods and other food items all month. On Monday, they started loading the food into boxes.

"It is a tough and challenging situation," said Traci Morris, interim principal at Marion C. Moore.

This year, there was a competition to see who could collect the most canned food.

"We're a very competitive school," said Jamie Issis, youth service coordinator at Moore. "They take pride in turning in cans every day in their first period class."

The competition also provided a valuable life lesson for students.

"I'm always thankful to give back to the community," said Tristin Coughran, Marion C. Moore, Sophomore.

After less than a month, there was about 300 boxes, enough food to feed everyone who asked for help.

"We know we're going to be out for about 17 days, and food is a need in our building," Issis said. "We try to stack the box up for enough food for our kids to get through the holiday season."

Tiffany McMitthell, the single parent of a Moore student, was recently laid off. She said getting a box of food takes some of the stress off her plate.

"It will help a lot," she said. "Anything I get to help my family is always a blessing."

The school has more than 2,300 students, and more than half on free and reduced lunch.

"We definitely have a need to provide ongoing support of food, shelter and clothing," Morris said.

The students aren't being graded on this lesson, but they still feel good about what they've accomplished.

"It shows that Moore is not just about sports," Coughran said. "It's about community and love for the people, friends, faculty, anyone."

Pickup of the food continues through Friday afternoon.

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