SOS donates medical supplies to 500 JCPS seniors (Aug. 2020)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - A local organization is making sure students learning from home still have the hands-on learning they need to be successful.

SOS is donating about 9,000 medical supplies to 500 JCPS seniors in Career and Technical Education programs focusing on health sciences. The supplies will go to 15 schools.

The supplies are put into kits which include a wash basin, medical tape, tongue depressants, gauze pads and more.

SOS says this will allow students to continue learning even while using non-traditional instruction. 

"This program is supporting education and it is building job skills. Both of those drive and improve healthcare outcomes," said Denise Sears, president and CEO of SOS.

Superintendent Dr. Marty Pollio visited the group of JCPS teacher volunteers who packed the kits. He said the kits will allow the students to keep learning virtually while enhancing their skills.

SOS has partnered with JCPS for over a year and has donated around $150,000 in supplies to students.

JCPS is looking to create kits for students in other CTE programs as well. 

Here's a list of supplies it needs for other kits:


Graph paper

Mechanical pencils


Drawing tools like protractors

Popsicle sticks

Hot glue guns


Baking sheets

Measuring sups and spoons

Mixing bowls

Media Arts: 

Sketch pads

Colored pencils

Colored post-it notes

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