JEFFERSONTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- Detectives in Jeffersontown are on the hunt for thieves who stole the family van of a a 4-year-old with special needs.

Inside the van were a specialized car seat and stroller valued at a combined $6,000. 

Axson Goodrich, the 4-year-old who needs to equipment because of an autoimmune disease, has a special relationship with the Jeffersontown Police Department. Last Christmas, he met Officer Rick Burns at a Christmas event the city held.

In January, when the boy's mother contacted police to tell them that he was expected to undergo surgery to fix a tethered spinal cord and remove five tumors, police were dispatched on a special run

In order to cheer Axson up, several of the Jeffersontown Police Department's midwatch officers showed up at his house, "brought some goodies, and more importantly, made him smile."

"We're not exactly sure why they were taken out of the van What we're hoping is that someone has them that doesn't know they were stolen or where they came from," said Jeffersontown Police Lt. Col. Steve Schmidt. 

The van was stolen from their home on Maple Street in Jeffersontown. It was recovered a few hours later in a parking lot off Rangeland Road with the gas tank nearly empty. 

Detectives are now attempting to use the van's GPS to backtrack it's location throughout the night it was stolen. 

"You may not have known what it is or you may have took it sell it for a quick buck but this belongs to a child," said Axson's mom, Pamela Skaggs. "I take him for walks in that stroller. In a way its a form of therapy for him. There's no doctors, there's no tests, there's no hospitals."

Anyone with any information on the theft, or the location of the equipment, is asked to call police at (502) 267-0503, or email police by CLICKING HERE.

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