Jeffersontown's new Freedom Wall unveiled on Veterans Day

JEFFERSONTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- It was a moment years in the making, as Jeffersontown's Freedom Wall was unveiled for the first time Sunday afternoon.

People came by the hundreds to remember those who gave some, and the ones who gave all. For these families, Nov. 11 is more than just a day on a calendar.  They felt the weight and the significance of Veteran's Day, and how important it is to those who served.

"If it weren't for the people here, these people today, we wouldn't have done what we did," Terry Diehl said. 

Diehl is a navy submarine veteran who served from 1960 to 1985. He was at Veterans Memorial Park in Jeffersontown when it first opened 24 years ago.

"I was here for the first dedication when we spent quite a few years trying to get this park established," he said. 

Decades later, he came back to see a new part of the park's history for the very first time: The Freedom Wall.

"It's just, I'm speechless," Diehl said. "It's all I can say."

The wall is made up of 15 panels of glass spanning 60 feet to honor all five branches of the military. An official ceremony was held Sunday to unveil the wall. 

"Following the ceremony I was still teared up, and now that I've seen that I'm really having a hard time talking, Diehl said. 

He wasn't alone. Many people in the crowd were overcome with emotion once they saw the wall. 

"A lot of emotion ... some tears," Park Coordinator John Wright said. "Some people were just ecstatic about it."

Years of planning and effort went into the wall -- down to each and every etched detail.

"We're very proud of it and we're very humbled to have this wall out here," Wright said.

It was finished just in time for a Veteran's Day ceremony, that is sure to leave a lasting impact.

"I think it's something they take away from here that they will never forget," Wright said. 

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