Jeffrey Mundt continues to testify against former lover in murder trial

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- One man is finally finished answering gruesome and graphic questions on the witness stand in the murder trial of his former lover, after both were accused of killing their threesome partner and drug dealer and burying his body in the basement for six months.

Yesterday, Jeffrey Mundt took the stand to testify against his former lover -- Joseph Banis -- and he continued to testify throughout much of the day on Tuesday. 

Banis is accused of murdering James Carroll, their sex partner and drug dealer, in Dec. 2009. 

Yesterday, the defense attorney reiterated that Jeffrey Mundt lied to police about what happened the night of Carroll's murder and this morning, he accused him of lying to the jury about his drug use.

Mundt has gone into graphic detail for the second day in a row about his drug and sexual fantasies dating back to 2009, listed on various online profiles for "hookup sites." The defense questioned him about profiles dating back to early 2009, before he met Banis.

The defense attorney said Mundt told the jury Monday that he didn't do drugs before meeting Banis, but later he said he did not do them "as he did" when he was with Banis.

Mundt said he lied to police because Banis threatened his life and carried knives, guns around him, telling him he would kill his cats, his family and Mundt himself if he told anyone.

"He said if he couldn't get to me, he would find somebody who could," Mundt said in court.

This afternoon, Prosecutors and defense attorneys asked him about texts exchanged between Banis and Mundt following Carroll's death when he was "living in fear" of Banis.

Mundt claimed Banis violently stabbed and shot Carroll when he and Mundt were having sex. Banis had previously told police the exact same scenario with the roles reversed. Mundt was given a plea deal to eliminate the possibility of the death penalty, which Banis still faces.

The defense also asked for him to reiterate the story about what happened the night Carroll was killed.
Mundt was also drilled about a Kershaw knife he carried on his person which he claims police never returned to him in Chicago in of 2010. He said a Kershaw was used to stab and kill Carroll.

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