Jump Seat app lets you find a better seat at the big game

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Sick of sitting in the nose bleed section?  A Shelbyville man is allowing you to upgrade your tickets with just a click. 

You coughed up the cash to see your favorite team play, but nothing's more frustrating than seeing better seats open up mid-game while you're stuck looking down with envy.

Torrey Smith, the CEO of Jump Seat, says, "I said, you know what? I wish there was an app that allowed me to access those seats."

A view from the nose bleeds, and an opening in a lower section was all it took for Smith to develop a seat swapping app: "I was with my brother at the time and he said, 'You've had a lot of bad ideas, but that's actually a really good idea.'"

Jump Seat allows users to put their tickets up for grabs by simply posting a picture, description, and a meeting place.  So you're at a Louisville Bats game and you don't like your seat, pull up the app, and within five minutes, you could be in a better place to view the game....I'm just someone who saw a need for people that want to move down to the people that are leaving."

The app is free unless you go "pro."  That will cost you $4.99.  Frequent users gain discounts on food or merchandise.  "You get rewarded for every single seat that you give up," Smith says.

But you can only swap once per event -- so make it a good one.

Fifty cents from every purchase of the Jump Seats advanced version goes to building a sporting complex in the Dominican Republic.

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