House Speaker Jeff Hoover responds to Governor Bevin: 'I have no plans to resign'

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Kentucky's Republican governor has called on the state's former GOP House speaker to give up his seat in the legislature after privately settling a sexual harassment claim brought by a member of his staff.

Former House Speaker Jeff Hoover resigned his leadership position earlier this month after acknowledging the settlement publicly. But Gov. Matt Bevin told WHAS radio Tuesday that was not good enough. He said Hoover and any other lawmaker who paid money to try to cover up their sexual indiscretions should resign.

Three other lawmakers also were involved in the settlement, and GOP leaders have removed them from their committee chairmanships. None has resigned.

Bevin said that if the lawmakers keep their seats, it sends a message that sexual harassment is OK as long as it does not involve legislative leaders.


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