LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Kentucky man's car got "hijacked" by a family of bears in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Chad Morris thought he was taking a break from his barbershop in Owensboro, but he came back with quite a tale to tell.

"I would tell my friends, I'm gonna see a bear. I want to see a bear, you know been lifting weights a little bit. I want to see a bear, tussle with a bear and they're like well you get four on one, now what you want to do big boy and I said no I'll pass," he said.

But he did end up with a close encounter with not just one bear -- but a whole family of bears. He says it all started when two bear cubs climbed in the front window of his empty car. Another climbed in the back while Mama bear watched. He stayed a safe distance but managed to take some pictures.

But his car didn't fare as well, according to Morris. "You can see where the bear took the chunk out of the seat. Of course my cup was right here in the middle and that's where, where they got a hold of the cup." The cup was filled with coffee. It ended up with a few teeth marks.

After a few minutes, the bear family went on their way. But Morris says he's learned a valuable lesson.

"I knew as soon as they got out and went down the hill, I put my windows up and they stayed up every time I parked," he said. "This won't happen again. It's like I want to be reminded every time I get in this car that a bear was in here trying to drive my car."

Morris says he's glad he at least got a good story out of the ordeal.

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