Paducah tornado church

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(FOX NEWS) -- A group of preschoolers cowered in their classroom singing "Jesus loves me" as a tornado ripped the roof off their school -- but miraculously, everyone emerged unscathed.

The only room at Mt. Zion Baptist Church and Day Care that was untouched by the tornado that tore through five miles of land in Paducah, Ky. last week was the one where 40 preschool students and 10 church staff members had gathered, according to The Christian Broadcasting Network. The tornado severely damaged several buildings, including the church.

The church lost most of its roof but no one inside was hurt. Authorities said in all, there was only one reported injury from the tornado and it was not life-threatening.

The director of the Mt. Zion Baptist Day Care, Michelle Rushing, told the West Kentucky Star that staff received notification of a tornado warning Thursday morning and they immediately implemented their evacuation plan, which moved all children and workers into the safe room. She said 10 minutes later, the tornado hit.

Paducah tornado church

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Rushing told the West Kentucky Star students and staff felt the building decompress and could hear glass breaking as well as other loud noises.

Rushing said the children became frightened when the power went off, but the staff helped them stay calm by singing songs with them, including ‘Jesus Loves Me’ and ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands,’ according to the Baptist Press.

After the storm had passed, students and staff came out of the safe room to find the nursery had collapsed and the sanctuary destroyed, according to Rushing.

Rushing and church members credited God for keeping everyone safe.

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"We just give God the glory that no one was hurt,” Sylvia Cherry, a church member, told CBN News.

The senior pastor, Wes Conner, told FOX 17 News in Nashville that he is already working on plans to rebuild and, for now, church services are still being held at the church but in a different area of the building.

“Church is not a building, church is the people. Buildings can be rebuilt, and, frankly, God is going to get us through this. God is going to give us great vision for the future. We as a church family, we are going to rally together," Conner told Fox 17 News.

Conner said he is also thanking God for keeping everyone safe.

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