Family Community Clinic

LOUSIVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Thousands of Afghan refugees made it out of Kabul, and now, America's refugee resettlement agencies, like Kentucky Refugee Ministries, are starting to see the first families in their new cities.

Part of the resettlement program is connecting the evacuees to health care. And Wednesday morning, the first group of evacuees under KRM got started at Family Community Clinic, a nonprofit organization that offers free health care to uninsured people.

Ellen Wells said the clinic has worked with refugees in the past, and everyone is happy to help.

"I'm excited that we can help them acclimate into our country," she said.

Wells said a lot of times, volunteers in the clinic help people coming from other countries with more than just offering a health exam.

"Also, patient education," she said. "I found many times that patients come in, they really have not received regular care."

Wells said the clinic expects 16 people as part of the first round, and KRM expected 200 evacuees in total.

"I think it's just good common courtesy and caring to welcome them here to a clinic where they can keep coming back to, because we are free," Wells said. "And until they get on their feet and find a job and get insurance."

Considering this was an emergency evacuation, KRM is seeking various donations, be it physical like household items or monetary.

For a full list on items KRM is seeking click here.

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