Real ID

FRANKFORT, Ky (WDRB) -- The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet headquarters in Frankfort is now serving as a Real ID application hub for both Franklin and Anderson County residents. 

Franklin County residents Mike Newell and Paige Walker just applied for their Voluntary Travel IDs, also known as Real IDs. 

"I just figured we had to get it sooner or later so we might as well get it out of the way," Newell said. 

Come Oct. 1 of 2020, if you want to travel by air, or get into certain federal facilities you will have to have a Real ID if you do not have a passport, or other accepted form of government identification. 

So far in Kentucky, residents in Woodford, Franklin and Anderson counties can get the new form of identification. 

Department of Vehicle Regulation Commissioner Matt Henderson said at first the idea was to have each county clerk's office issue them, but a pilot program revealed that was not the best route. 

"The volume and the work load increases in those locations outpaced what their staff was able to handle so we are midstream switching our model to a regional model," Henderson said. 

Henderson said eventually the plan is to have Real ID application offices set up across the state. However, he added the locations and time frames for when those offices will be set up has not been decided yet. 

"The deadline is looming and we are going as fast as we can to pin down those locations," Henderson said. 

Henderson said he is confident by next October everyone in the state will be able to apply for a Real ID, though they might have to drive a little further than expected. 

"Hopefully they'll expand it out enough where it will be close to just about everybody," Newell said. 

People who have gone through the application process said it should be easy if you have all the right paperwork. 

To see what documents you need to get your Real ID click here. 

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