FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky lawmakers return Monday to deal with a packed agenda headlined by a stack of gubernatorial vetoes as they head into the final two-day stretch of this year's session.

The Republican-led legislature is expected to take up override votes on Gov. Andy Beshear's vetoes of bills ranging from scholarship tax credits to how a U.S. Senate seat is filled if a vacancy occurs.

Before the session, scheduled to start at noon, got underway, a group of mostly educators were hoping to catch the eye of some of those lawmakers with a caravan that circled the Kentucky Capitol building. They want Gov. Andy Beshear's vetoes on HB 475 and HB 563 to stand. 

HB 563 would allow a form of scholarship tax credits to pay for private school tuition in several of the state's most populated counties -- including Jefferson County. 

Gov. Beshear vetoed the bill last week, saying it diverts money from public education to private entities in certain communities and violates the Constitution.

Republicans who back the bill did say it does not pull funds from public education spending, but instead gives families a choice on where to send their child to school. Those who stand behind HB 563 have a chance in this session to override the governor's veto.

The 30-day legislative session ends Tuesday.

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