LMPD responding to shooting at Kroger in Portland neighborhood

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A day after Louisville Metro Police officers shot and killed an armed man outside a Kroger in west Louisville, people are again thinking about what to do if caught in similar situation. 

Firearms instructor and former law enforcement officer Ken Pagano said Thursday's shooting is even more evidence that everywhere you go, be aware of your surroundings.

"You need to know where you are," Pagano said. "Your entrances, your exits, who's around you, who may look out of place."

If you do find yourself in the same place as a gunman, experts say  to run. Get out of harms way if you can. If you can't, hide and if you have to, fight.

"If you have to fight as a civilian, you find environmental weapons," Pagano said. "If you're in Kroger, get a can of corn, a can of beanie weenies or something that you can use if you have to defend yourself."

Imri Morgenstern trains people to prepare for shooter situations, knowing every situation is different.

"The life-saver is knowing when something is going to happen to the best of your ability," Morgenstern said. "What is my distance from the shooter? Is it a shooter? Is it a robbery? What is his purpose for doing what he's doing? All of those things will change my reaction."

Prepardness and situational awareness is key.

"The more you can notice of your surroundings, the safer we all will be," Morgenstern said.

For more information on how to handle an active shooter situation, click here.

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