KSP and NamUs holding event to help solve missing persons cases

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Later this month, Kentucky State Police and The National Mission and Unidentified Person System (NamUs) hope to help families find closure.

That includes hundreds of families in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio, families of people like Lisa Green, who disappeared in June of 2014 and hasn't been seen since.

"She got up, told my dad, 'I'm going outside,'" said Leah Coomer, Green's sister. "She had on no shoes, no flip flops. She didn't have keys. She didn't have an ID. She had nothing."

Coomer said her sister walked out of the house and never returned.

"She pretty much disappeared from my dad's driveway," she said.

Louisville Metro Police Detectives have been working the case from the beginning, but now the new partnership between KSP and NamUs could provide additional information.

"We could have somebody that may have been missing from here that was discovered in California," said KSP Det. Endre Samu.

Samu doesn't know what happened to Green, but he hopes he might be able to help her family and hundreds of others.

"It could help bring something, a form of comfort to these people," he said.

On Aug. 30, KSP and NamUs are inviting family members of missing people to share information that could provide closure. They want things like dental records and photographs of the missing person, even a photograph of a tattoo or scaring.

Samu said the event is for active cases. So family members should also bring police reports and any other information connected to the case.

"It's a really good opportunity for family members to come and meet with us," said Amy Dobbs, NamUs Regional Program Specialist.

Dobbs said they're specifically looking for blood relatives to collect DNA.

"We prefer to have the parents of the missing person or a child of the missing person, and then we branch out to siblings," she said. "They're going to share that same DNA."

After exhausting every avenue, Coomer is hoping the partnership between KSP and NamUs will produce answers, even if it's not the miracle they're praying for.

"After four years, she's not coming home," she said.

The event will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Aug. 30 at Campbellsburg Community Center.

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