Sen. Rand Paul

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- After long days and nights of impeachment testimony, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul says he has heard enough, and there is "zero" chance Pres. Trump will be convicted.

"I don't see this going forward," said Paul. "I don't see any Republicans voting, in the end, for impeachment."

Paul, who is a close ally of the president, told WDRB News he has heard nothing that will change his mind, and said Democrats are just putting on a television show.

“I don't think they're really trying to convince senators, I think they are speaking to their base," he said. "This is sort of a political exercise to sort of energize their base for the election."

Paul accused Democrats of playing politics with impeachment.

"They say President Trump used government to go after a political opponent. I think that's precisely what the Democrats are doing," he said. "They're abusing government now - abusing the process of impeachment to go after a political opponent."

Senators have been required to sit at their desks during testimony with no cell phones and no talking.

Kentucky's junior senator has reportedly been working crossword puzzles during some testimony, and admitted it has been tough staying focused.

"I haven't been very happy to sit there, but a lot of it is completely repetitive. Seriously, about every hour, if you watch this testimony, you'll hear the same testimony again in an hour, including the same videos."

But Paul said he does not favor calling more witnesses because it would inevitably lead to a court fight.

"I think everybody would challenge the subpoena that was sent to them, and we'd be weeks and weeks, and months and months in the courts."

In short, the senator said he has heard enough.

"I do not think it's an impeachable offense to delay foreign aid. I'm not in favor of foreign aid period, but I don't think it's impeachable because many, many presidents have done it."

Paul said he does not see any scenario by which the Senate votes to remove the President from office.

"Zero, but I think they've known that before."

Paul said the verdict on Pres. Trump's conduct should be decided not by Congress, but by the voters.

"Let's just have an election. Look, if Democrats win the election in 2020, I will work with a Democrat president."

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