LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A lawsuit has been filed against Kentucky Kingdom after a visitor says she was injured while riding on a roller coaster.

According to the lawsuit, the incident happened on Aug. 25, 2018.

The plaintiff, Shelby Rodgers, says she was "a business invitee" visiting the theme park with her family.

The lawsuit claims that Rodgers was riding Kentucky Kingdom's T3 roller coaster, when "an unknown metal object flew off the ride" and hit Rodgers in the head, injuring her.

On the day of the incident, WDRB reported that one person was taken to the hospital after an object fell from another passenger on the ride and hit a person on the head. 

The theme park issued a statement the following day, after its own investigation into the incident:

"After an extensive operational review, Kentucky Kingdom's technical staff determined that the ride operated properly and the injury was not the result of any mechanical malfunction or operator error."

The park says state investigators were also notified about the incident when it occurred.

At the time, Kentucky Kingdom officials said a cell phone and other items were found on the ground under the ride. Park officials say loose items, such as cell phones, are strictly forbidden on the T3 ride.

Rodgers' lawsuit accuses the theme park of "negligence and carelessness" and asks for compensation for past and future medical bills, pain and suffering and other expenses.

On Tuesday morning, Kentucky Kingdom spokesman Adam Birkner issued a statement that said, in part:

"It is important to note that Kentucky Kingdom has multiple warnings prohibiting loose articles on our attractions, including signs at our front gate and the entrance to T3, announcements by ride operators at the loading area, and automated safety recordings. We provide bins in the T3 loading area for guest convenience to store personal items such as cell phones and hats. Despite our precautions, some guests ignore the prohibition and take articles on our rides.

In the interest of guest safety, we have a zero tolerance policy for loose articles on our attractions and enforce this policy on a daily basis. We eject violators from the park without refund (or revoke season passes) in an ongoing effort to maintain guest and team member safety."

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