Legends Never Die exhibit debuts at Louisville Slugger Museum to celebrate 25th anniversary of 'The Sandlot'

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- "Heroes get remembered ... but legends never die." If you recognize that quote, you may have to check out what the Louisville Slugger Museum has to offer for the next few months.

Legends Never Die is the name of the newest exhibit on display at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. It celebrates 25 years since the beloved baseball classic "The Sandlot" made its debut. 

The exhibit is packed with original props from the movie, including Squints' glasses and the famous Babe Ruth baseball. There are also photos from behind the scenes and the original story binder with hand drawn artwork and storyboards inside. 

"We've got, kind of, stuff everywhere. If you walk through the hallway there's baseball cards for each of the kids, you can get your picture with Wendy Peffercorn, and of course, there's the beast," said Chris Meiman, Louisville Slugger Museum exhibits director. "We have an over-sized beast that you can come see and get a sense of how the kids felt looking up at that giant beast."

Louisville Slugger actually made the bats that were used in the movie. 

The exhibit runs through Sept. 9.

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