FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky lawmakers spent Thursday racing against a midnight deadline to pass veto-proof bills. 

Thursday is the last day the Republican-controlled House and Senate can approve legislation with enough time to override any veto from Democratic Governor Andy Beshear. The hard deadline is 11:59 p.m.   

Among the bills still being debated: 

Senate Bill 47 (Medical marijuana) -- The bill would legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky. For the first time, it has cleared a Senate committee, and now has support from Floor Leader Damon Thayer, a longtime opponent. However, it was not on the orders of the day to be discussed on the Senate floor, because Thayer remains unsure if there are enough votes to pass the chamber. 

House Bill 470 (Transgender care for minors) -- The controversial bill restricts gender-transition procedures for people under 18. It passed the House, but the Senate is considering a different version that allow any nonsurgical treatment for anyone in that age range to require a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria and must be performed by a licensed doctor working with a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. The new version also would limit those treatments to reversible puberty-blocking and -delaying drugs. Thayer says "all things are possible" in relation to the bill's chances.

House Bill 551 (Sports betting) -- The sports wagering bill received a second of three required readings on Thursday, but is not scheduled to be voted on until Day 29 of the legislative session, which will be March 29. The bill would allow sports betting through Kentucky's nine horse racing tracks. 

Senate Bill 20 (TikTok ban) -- The Kentucky Senate voted 34-0 to ban TikTok from state government-issued devices, reflecting bipartisan concerns about the Chinese-owned social media app. This was the second time it was approved, but there was a sub from the House allowing executive branch agencies to use the app, if necessary for investigations or threats.

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