LMPD captures both inmates who escaped from Metro Corrections

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Metro Corrections Director Mark Bolton said Monday there was a "breakdown in basic security protocols" by staff that allowed two minimum security inmates to escape from the jail over the weekend. 

Bolton said the escape was "likely a coordinated event" with three inmates already being charged with aiding in the escape and more likely to be charged. 

Louisville Metro Police have arrested both inmates. Justin Stumler was arrested late Monday morning in the 3200 block of Chinquapin Lane near Preston Highway and Indian Trail in the Newburg neighborhood. 

According to a release from LMPD on Monday afternoon, Jeremy Hunt led officers in Meade County on a chase that ended on Dixie Highway in Jefferson County. He was arrested and transported to University Hospital with "what appears to be non-life threatening injuries."

Witnesses say they heard several loud crashes before seeing Hunt on the ground surrendering. 

"We just heard the crash and then we seen the helicopters overhead," said Robin Jackson who works at Big Boy near the intersection where the crash happened. "We came outside and the guy they were arresting got out of the car and put his hands up, lay down on the ground and they had him – handcuffed him. It was just crazy for us. Just so much traffic and just so many cars."

Bolton said Stumler is accused of committing a burglary while he was out. He and Hunt were working in the kitchen when the two hid in trash cans that were taken outside the facility.

Hunt was still at large Monday afternoon. 

Two Metro Corrections officers have been reassigned during the internal investigation. Bolton said "basic security 101" was for officers to look in the trash cans and accompany the inmates outside. 

"It does not look like that took place," he said. 

Bolton showed reporters a short surveillance video the two inmates escaping after two trash cans were wheeled outside the jail.

A citizen saw the two men escape and alerted authorities. 

"That made me sick," Bolton said of watching the video. "When it could have been prevented with security 101, that's upsetting."

LMPD mentioned the capture and posted a picture of Stumler's arrest on its Facebook page. 

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The three other inmates charged so far are 33-year-old Gary Bradford, 28-year-old Justin Rankin and 18-year-old Tajuan Burton. 

All three are charged with two counts of facilitation of second-degree escape and pleaded not guilty at arraignments Monday morning.

Jeffersontown Police arrested Stumler on Aug. 27, 2018, on charges of motor vehicle theft, possession of a handgun by a convicted felon, felony drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

LMPD arrested Hunt on June 28, 2018, on multiple felony burglary charges.

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