LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A man is dead after a shooting in the parking lot of a restaurant on Fern Valley Road.

Dwight Mitchell, a spokesperson for Louisville Metro Police, said officers with the department's Sixth Division were called to a reported shooting in the parking lot of a Zaxby's restaurant in the 3400 block of Fern Valley Road — which is right off Preston Highway between Newburg and Okolona — around 7 p.m. Wednesday.

Officers responding to the scene found a man who had been shot. He was pronounced dead at the scene, Mitchell said.

"We have a lot of homicides that are senseless homicides that have happened and 134 victims with, you know, 135 families that are affected," Mitchell said. "This was someone's son, someone's possibly father, someone's brother, so when things happen like this it permeates through families, it permeates through communities and certainly it permeates through us as we try to find the person or persons that are responsible."

LMPD's Homicide Unit is investigating. Mitchell said the unit believes it has "all parties involved at this point," but the investigation is ongoing. It is unclear what led up to the shooting.

The shooting is the latest in Louisville's increasing homicide rate, many of which are still being investigated by LMPD.

"I wish we had one solution that would do all of this, but you know as well as I know, and the community knows, that it takes all of us. But if all of us do the best that we can, it will hopefully curb some of this violence as we go along," Mitchell said. "We know we can't arrest our way out of this, we know that's been proven. But we can find people that are responsible.

"One thing we cannot legislate is morality. We can't do that. There's no law that's passed that makes me love you or you love me, that has to be something within your heart to do," he added. "Otherwise we'll continue to have this. But I'm hopeful that someday this will be curbed and we're going to continue to do our jobs."

Although police believe they have those responsible for this shooting accounted for, anyone who may have witnessed the shooting or have information in the case is asked to call LMPD's crime tip line at 502-574-LMPD (5673).

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